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(Q)  The Denny Party, the first settlers to reach the Puget Sound area, were carried here from Oregon on what ship?
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(Q)  3 Mariners are tied for the most runs scored (5) in a single game, who are they?
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(Q)  How do you know where to cut the end off of asparagus?
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(Q)   A car is on a 1 mile circular track.  On its first lap it averages 30 MPH.  How fast would it need to go on its second lap to average 60 MPH for BOTH laps?
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(Q)  What popular drink did a Dutch medical professor produce in his laboratory while trying to come up with a blood cleanser that could be sold in drugstores?
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(Q) Which song was the most played number on American radio, during the 20th century, and for how many times was it played?
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