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In 2010, three talented restaurateurs came together with the concept of creating a unique and non-traditional pub which offered an uncompromised level of service, elevated bar foods, up to date microbrews, and specialty beverages in an inviting atmosphere specifically designed for friends, families and neighbors to enjoy.

Owners, Zach, Erwin and Dave (ZED) bring years of hospitality expertise to the table with the belief that great service is an innate human willingness to attend to others. While dedicated to providing superior service, their mission is to ensure a memorable guest experience through the quality of their food, beverage and atmosphere.

Built in 1904, this brick building in the heart of Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood welcomes you with a warm ambience and a unique history.  It was always ZED’s desire to combine that history with merry friends enjoying memorable food, drink and times.

“It is for the young at heart and the old in spirit.”
—may one never be far from the other—

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