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Is It Unhealthy To Eat Late?

Is it Unhealthy to Eat Late?

Eating late normally happens when you get too caught up in doing something. You may be cramming at work or are simply binge-watching your favorite Netflix show, that’s why you skipped meals. Is eating late bad? Find out if is it unhealthy to eat late and what you can do to avoid it.

Is Eating Late Bad?

Eating late is defined by eating only within the last three hours before you hit the bed. If you eat before you go to bed, the food that you eat doesn’t get consumed as energy. It gets stored as fat in your body. Here’s why eating late is bad for you: this habit can result in poor health over time.

Studies reveal that eating within 8 PM to 11 PM often results in more spikes in blood sugar and cholesterol levels. Is It unhealthy to eat late? Yes, because such spikes (blood sugar and cholesterol) don’t happen much when you eat between 8 AM to 7 PM. You don’t need to do the Math. It is a fact that there are many health risks that come with eating late.

Eating Late
Eating Late

What Happens When You Eat Late at Night?

Disturbed Sleep Pattern

If you eat late, you tend to sleep late, too. You end up having a disturbed sleep pattern. This can also be the reason why some people tend to have bad dreams instead of sleeping peacefully at night.

Poor Digestion

Hyperacidity is one of the reasons why eating late is bad for you. Excessive acid is secreted in the stomach because food isn’t digested well, especially when you’re about to sleep.

High Body Fat

Metabolism levels slow down at night because of inactivity. When it comes to calorie burning, metabolism in the evening isn’t as effective as during the day. You end up storing more fat and gaining extra pounds.

Mental Health Issues

Is eating late bad for you? Everyone knows what a lack of sleep can do, and this goes the same for eating late. You get moody and irritated and wished you can sleep more. You can be prone to anxiety and even depression if you always eat and sleep late.

Increased Blood Pressure

You are more vulnerable to health conditions, such as diabetes and hypertension, because of increased blood pressure.

Is Eating Late Bad?
Is Eating Late Bad?

What to Do to Avoid Eating Late

  • Ask yourself if you’re really hungry. If not, you might just go for water.
  • Cut down carbohydrate intake. Avoid raising your blood sugar levels and having excess blood sugar stored as fat.
  • Snack on fiber. Add fiber-rich food and snacks to your diet, so you can feel fuller and get improved digestion.
  • Listen to music to distract yourself from hunger.
  • Go back to the question, is eating late bad for you? Reminding yourself about is it bad to eat late at night is enough to avoid binging on snacks before you sleep.

Just like how eating out has effects on your health and lifestyle, eating late also poses some risks. With this in mind, you no longer need to ask yourself if is it unhealthy to eat late again and again. Eating late can have effects on your health in general, especially if you do it often. Knowing things like this is as useful as knowing when the DUI law was passed.

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